salt-wrapper user manual


salt-wrapper allows you to run Salt command to target the correct Salt configuration folder (for example if you’ve several Salt masters on one server) and to prepend your command by sudo.

Configure shell aliases

See Shell aliases in the admin manual.

Run a salt command

  1. Go to the right folder containing your Salt states
  2. Run from there (or any subdirectory) your Salt commands

The aliases configured in the previous section will take care to run salt-wrapper <your command> instead.

If you don’t want such alias, you can manually prepend your Salt command by salt-wrapper, it will works too.


Nothing happens

If you run a salt-wrapper command and nothing happens, check you aren’t outside a directory declared in /usr/local/etc/salt-wrapper.conf configuration file.

You can also check that through the exit code of the wrapper script:

$ cd /tmp
$ salt-wrapper salt-call
$ echo $?

I got a sudo prompt

To use comfortably with seamless integration the wrapper, you need to configure sudo to allow an ops group to run commands as salt.

See Sudo configuration in the admin manual.

I need to disable something

The salt-wrapper development follows the YAGNI principle: to reduce the cost of maintenance, we only implement features deemed necessary.

As such, in the initial release, there is no flag to enable of disable features. If you’ve a root problem requiring such flag to disable a feature, we’ll be happy to add an option in salt-wrapper.conf or offer a workaround. Just report an issue on our tracker.

Report issues

Issues can be reported at